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We are a small rental company for holiday real estate. Our holiday properties are the best alternative to the hotel. We have put all our experience in hotel and hospitality in the houses so you do not miss anything. Whether you cater for yourself or use the rich facilities in the area. Villa Feliz SL is your holiday partner for a happy stay.


Contact holiday home

JM Jörg Möller +34 665 56 80 77 Facility Management

Directions and parking


From Las Palmas airport on the G 1 southbound exit Meloneras, opposite on H 10 hotel

Instructions for parking

Park on the street Calle Mar Caspio. There are enough parking spaces available.

Access Type of access Key collectioninstructions

We arrange an appointment at the entrance to the house in good time before arrival

Check in

Check-in instructions Check-in is usually possible from 15:00. Other times please arrange in good time before arrival with us

Check out

Check-out instructions Check-out is usually required until 11am. Other times please arrange in good time before arrival with us.

Please let us know as soon as possible your arrival dates after booking. We will contact you in time and arrange the check in process with you.

Covid info The law stipulates that arriving tourists have to show a negative corona test. The documents are checked by the respective hostels. They may refuse access until a negative test result is available. If a visitor reaches the hostel late and without a test result, but shows a basic understanding of the measure, the hotel or apartment complex may still grant access. The person concerned must then remain in quarantine until the following day and take the test immediately. Residents may be exempt from compulsory corona testing When checking the documents, it is irrelevant whether the test result is printed out and digitally available. It just needs to be clear when and where the test was carried out, as well as the laboratory responsible, the type of test and that it turned out negative. The phrase “the type of test” suggests that the cheaper antigen tests will also suffice. The government had already announced this in advance. But only the legal text printed in the official gazette will provide the final answer. Corona in the Canary Islands: mandatory test takes effect ten days after the law has been passed,

COVID-19 diagnosis

The Universitarios San Roque Hospital in Maspalomas (750 m Villa Feliz) has all the diagnostic tests for COVID-19: determination of antibodies both qualitative (rapid test by immunochromatography) and quantitative (ELISA technique) and tr-PCR Only a private hospital is accredited to perform and receive PCR results within 24 hours. This service is designed for individuals and businesses * so that patients can get a prescription or have a medical consultation directly with a specialist in our hospital ** who will indicate which test to perform based on their medical history. An independent room has been set up with all the necessary preventive measures to ensure the safety of patients and staff. COVID19 ANTIBODY TEST SEROLOGY IGG + IGM - 58 euros. Detects the reaction and the immune status of the organism, serum test. The results can be downloaded from the Hospital Universitarios San Roque website. COVID19 TOTAL ANTIBODY TEST - 40 euros. Detects the reaction and immune status of the body, blood or serum sample test. The results can be downloaded from the Hospital Universitarios San Roque website. PCR TEST - 140 euros. It detects in real time the genetic material of the active virus in the sample taken through the nose and throat with a swab that is analyzed in a clinical laboratory. The test result can be downloaded from the Internet and reported by phone. ANTIGEN TEST - 25 euros. Detects the coronavirus protein. It is used to identify positive cases early and as a screening element for PCR.


Rest periods 00:00 h to 08:00 h

No parties / events

Children wanted

dogs allowed

HOUSE RULES THAT THE OWNERS AND TENANTS OF THE BAHIA MELONERAS FASE II COMPLEX ARE REQUIRED TO OBSERVE IT IS PROHIBITED: Making changes to the facades, railings, back and front of the gardens that alter or increase the space currently built. The installation of fabrics or reeds on the fences around the gardens to cover them, which are of a different color than those already installed, which are blue, brown or green and in no case higher than those already installed. The owners or tenants are asked to install them preferably in blue and made of fabric or aluminum so that all the fences of the bungalows have the same color and height. to install fences that are not blue. Covering the front and rear terraces. Installing accessories on the balconies other than blue awnings. Satellite dishes on the roofs of the buildings. Painting the facades of the bungalows in a different color than the current color. Creating gardens without the necessary elements for irrigation, especially those with grass and without soil. Hanging personal clothing, towels, laundry, etc. on balconies, backyards and front yards, as well as on clotheslines visible from the street. Causing noise during quiet times and especially after 10 p.m. Bathing and access to the swimming pool after the swimming pool has been closed for the night. To let the owners' dogs run free in the hallways, to do their business on the sidewalks of the complex or to bark incessantly, thereby disturbing the peace of the other owners. Taking leaky garbage bags to the trash cans. Damage to flowers, flower beds, trash cans, furniture and elements belonging to the common areas of the complex. Discarding trash and items in hallways or other areas of the facility, except in the trash room or designated bins. Playing ball in the complex's swimming pool. Damage to the loungers, floats, parasols, tables, children's playgrounds, etc. located on the sun deck of the swimming pool, as well as the other elements of the same. All of these prohibitions are contained in the community statutes and approved by the owners' meeting. They are binding on all users of the facility, regardless of whether they are owners or tenants, and have been enforced since the facility opened to the present day. The owners of the apartments are responsible for the behavior of the tenants, who must provide them with these rules when renting their residential unit and may not claim ignorance of these rules. Those responsible for maintaining the complex must be obeyed at all times of the day. These rules are necessary to facilitate the coexistence of all neighbors in the complex and to maintain the harmony, aesthetics and uniformity of all residential units, since we are in a tourist area. If these rules are not adhered to, both the night watchman and the person responsible during the day will, if necessary, contact the police authorities to enforce compliance with the rules. Likewise, the community of owners will, if necessary, initiate the necessary legal proceedings to have the renovations carried out without its consent restored to the previous state or, if necessary, to enforce the previous rules. THE OWNERS' MEETING OF THE OWNERS OF THE TENANTS